We need your help! Urgent donations are required to help save the critically endangered Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby.

Waterfall Springs is the leading organisation for care/breeding of the native Brush-tailed Rock- wallaby, which is now at risk of extinction.

Fires started burning at the start of December and came dangerously close to our sanctuary, threatening our precious animals. Through the tireless efforts of our team and selfless volunteers, the sanctuary was saved, and is now being prepared for an influx of injured, orphaned and displaced Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby from bushfire affected areas.

Your donations will help us to ensure the survival of this species and that the Brush-tailed Rock- wallaby does not become extinct.

Waterfall Springs Foundation Endangered Species Fund is entered in the Register of Environmental Organisations, maintained by the Federal Department of Environment and Heritage, and has been granted deductible gift recipient status by the Australian Tax Office. This means that all donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible.

Waterfall Springs has been a Wildlife Sanctuary for over twenty years.

We concentrate our efforts on savings Australian Endangered Species (Yellow-Footed Rock Wallaby and Brush-tail Rock-wallaby, Brush-tail Bettong) but also rehabilitate local Kangaroos and wallabies.

Our major problem at this time is the Brush-tail Rock-wallaby. Every known colony in Australia has been greatly affected from the bush fires.

For information on the Brush tailed Rock Wallaby please visit www.btrw.org – They identify that Waterfall Springs is the leading organisation for the breeding of the BTRW in NSW and VIC.  The reality is that we started the breeding program and we still to this day, are the only successful facility that can breed, care for and manage the animals to ensure their survival in the future.  We supply animals to all the other zoos and sanctuaries that are part of the program.

Why do we need financial help?  The facility was self-funded for the first 15 years and we have had government grants for the last 5 years.  The Government grants were greatly reduced last financial year, and remain the same for this year and expected for next year.  We have been informed that next year, will be the last year for funding.  The sanctuary requires more than 2.5 times the funding the government provides per year to keep up its best efforts and maintenance schedules.

We are now experiencing overstocking of displaced and injured animals (plus additional joeys) which will increase even more over the coming weeks, all being transferred from the fire areas, that require urgent care for their survival.

Hopefully, you will be able to assist waterfall Springs to save as many animals as possible and ensure our facility can continue into the future. This will no doubt assist us in ensuring this species survives and does not become extinct.

Many thanks,

Waterfall Springs Conservation Association

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